About Maldon Soap


Hello!  My name’s Sue McKenna and I’m the owner and creator of The Maldon Soap Company.

I started the business back in 2013.  Initially it was going to be called The Natural Bathroom Company as, alongside soap, I also wanted to sell organic natural fibre flannels & towels plus natural soap dishes and other accessories.

However, back in the day, I just didn’t have any money for stock. Plus back in 2013 there wasn’t a huge variety of organic natural fibre products about.  It’s incredible the difference 9 years makes!

I tried to come up with a name that represented who I was and what I did.  There are a lot of soap makers in Essex but none in Maldon so it was a no brainer to call my company The Maldon Soap Company.

My press release said something along the lines of “First there was Maldon Salt and now there’s Maldon Soap”! Not cheesy at all!

A few years ago I did actually get a mention on the radio by accident when the presenter said Maldon Soap instead of Maldon Salt!

Picture of Sue McKenna the owner of Maldon Soap

I started the business because I couldn’t find any soaps or beauty products that could calm my incredibly sensitive skin.  Having a background in aromatherapy and lots of years in the beauty industry meant that making my own products wasn’t that much of a big thing but I was unprepared how my ‘hobby’ would quickly get out of hand!

I tested the products out on myself and some willing (human) participants who all loved them and I was quickly persuaded to have them assessed and safety checked so that I could begin selling them.

Picture of Sue McKenna the owner of Maldon Soap

Initially I just sold them in The Maeldune Heritage Centre which is a craft centre in Maldon which I happened to be managing at the time.  Initial reactions were very positive and sales went through the roof.  I couldn’t make it quick enough!  I still sell my products in there to this day!

I now make around 100 types of soaps, skincare, haircare and bath products, all by hand in my little studio deep in the Essex countryside. I use local, organic, vegan, ethically sourced ingredients and never use any parabens, sls, palm oil, mineral oil or other unnecessary additives.  And, of course, everything I make is cruelty free.

Maldon Soap products come in glass jars or aluminium tins which are infinitely recyclable.  My soaps are wrapped in compostable, plastic free wrappers. Here at Maldon Soap we’re proud to be single use plastic free!

Because we believe that planet comes before profit!