March 12, 2017

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I'm Sue from The Maldon Soap Company

I’m Sue from The Maldon Soap Company

Hi.  I’m Sue and I’m the owner and creator of The Maldon Soap Company.

I have very sensitive skin and have always had trouble finding products that suited my skin and didn’t make my face turn red and swell up like a rather unappetising strawberry.

I’ve always tried to use products that were as natural as possible and through extensive trial and much error I’ve found that the price of something doesn’t always ensure the quality and effectiveness of a skincare product.  It usually has more to do with branding and perceived value,  ie if something is really expensive it must be good for you.  This I have found is simply not true.

So after trying for years to find soaps and skincare products for myself that were as natural, additive free and suitable for sensitive skin as possible I decided to go back to basics and make my own!  As an aromatherapist with a background in the beauty industry it wasn’t that unusual a thing to do.

After the initial excitement of making my first soaps, which were a bit ‘rustic’ looking but worked a treat, I decided that I only wanted to use the best quality ingredients and that I wanted to use local ingredients as much as possible.  When local ingredients weren’t available I wanted them to be sourced organically and ethically. I have never used palm oil. The butters I use are organic, fairly traded and ethically sourced.

After doing lots of research and learning loads I discovered that, while it was initially a challenge, it’s actually pretty straightforward to make soaps and skincare products without using any nasty artificial ingredients such as parabens, SLS, palm oil, mineral based additives or artificial fillers and stabilisers.

SLS and parabens are incredibly cheap to buy and easy to use.  Artificial stabilisers and fillers bulk out skincare and make it easy to make products in vast, huge bulk.

I had all my products safety assessed and began to sell them in a local craft centre in 2013.

I concentrate on making the purest soaps and beauty products from the best and most simple ingredients possible, ensuring that they are the most beneficial products for your skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body and it deserves to be kept free from unnecessary additives.  I make small batches to ensure you get fresh, top quality products.

The list of local ingredients I use is ever growing but so far consists of:

Local honey from in and around Maldon;
Local beeswax from the in and around Maldon;
Maldon sea salt;
Goats milk from Abberton near Mersea;
Cold pressed Rapeseed oil from Colchester;
Gluten free Oats from Cambridge;
Organic carrots from a local farm;
Calendula and Lavender from my own and local gardens.

I’m always on the lookout for local produce to use in my products so if there’s anything you think I could use please get in touch.

When it comes to colouring my products I like to use natural colours from clays which usually have a function beyond colour.  I also use herbs, spices and vegetable colours.  I use tiny amounts of cosmetic grade colours in some of my artisan soaps.  The amount of colour I use is very subtle, so as not to detract from the quality and functionality of the product. I like to focus on the ingredients in each product and what it does for your skin rather than how brightly coloured it is. Vivid, garish colours are never natural so you won’t see any psychedelic coloured products in my range. What goes on your skin ends up in your bloodstream 20 minutes later so it makes sense to not sit in a bath full of highly coloured water.  Even if it’s not toxic I can’t work out why you’d want to subject your skin to it!

My products won’t stain either you, your towels, your bath or your grouting. I use pure essential oils to fragrance most of the products although some, which are for very sensitive skin, are unfragranced. I also use a few cosmetic grade fragrance oils like baby powder and green apple as these cannot be obtained naturally.

I initially made the products at home but in 2014 I got my own shop which doubles as a little workshop and I have 9 outlets across Essex as well as the website.

All the products are handmade from scratch, hand potted, labelled and wrapped by me.

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you like what you see.

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